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Caroline loves seeing women succeed. She believes that “If I can touch a life, I can be a stepping stone for someone to reach greatness.”

She was called to do this sort of work. She has always had the need to help younger girls, even when she was young herself when she didn’t have much to her name.

Raised in a humble home, there wasn’t much to share but what she did have, she shared with those who had less. She would follow up on the education of those with less or share her clothes, even though she was still a student. When she grew up and began earning a salary, she felt the need to do more for other people so she began paying school fees for children whose homes couldn’t afford it.

Since she was using her personal resources, she realized she could not go the extra mile, she was limited in the number of people she could help and how much she could do for them. That is why she began her organization, Wema Tesifa, which has allowed her to reach many more people because it can generate its own funds.


The focus of the organization is on uplifting humanity.

“The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity.”

Leo Tolstoy

“I dislike poverty, I dislike seeing the problems women go through because they are considered the weaker sex.” These words are her driving force. There are many “wasted” lives, especially women because they have no (alternative) source of income. “We try to pull out that woman from a rut, from where she is stuck, from a life that seems impossible and try to give them hope for a better life”

The primary focus is education because it plays such a key role in life. It can open doors that people never knew were possible.

Education is the foundation through which we can begin to build a better life.

We also help other disadvantaged people in society such as ex-convicts, girls who have experienced early pregnancy and couldn’t find a way to reshape their lives, and anyone else who needs a helping hand. Get an ex-convict to reintegrate back into society in a more seamless way; allowing them to be seen as stable in their walk.

This is a Christian-based organization but they work with people from all walks of life to uplift their lives.

 They want to ensure that everyone is better placed to enjoy the type of life that God set out for them and God did not make any of us for suffering, so they try to change the life of anyone who is suffering. The organization focuses on helping people have a stable income to uplift their lives.


This is a calling, the work that I do is beyond me and my mortal self. The driving force in the everyday life is the power of wanting to get something done and wanting it done properly. Caroline is resilient, she must succeed in this work no matter what- this work is not for herself, but for other people. One thing that she understands perfectly is that she will not always succeed, but when she does she thanks God, and when she doesn’t she DOES IT AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN until it works out.          

“I will use my strength for those who feel like they have no strength left. God put a way, a purpose in my heart and I will work every day to help ANYONE, EVERONE I can.” This is the attitude she brings to her work.



There are still so many things left to be done.

Join in this journey and help us, help someone in need.

Check out our website and find out how you can be a blessing to someone else.

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