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Global fund for widows

in Kenya.

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We’re a non-profit charity ogranization.

Wema Tesifa is a company, limited by shares, incorporated in Kenya under Cap 486 of the laws of Kenya. It aims to give hope to the hopeless among Kenya communities with special interest in needy children and widows.

Welcome to Wema Tesifa

We believe that we can save
more lifes with you.


Together we can turn action into water, ensuring access to safe Water


From our hearts to their tables, we give the gift of food security


We aim at providing quality education for poor children, who are forced to drop out of school.


A small donation will help to revive the lives of many needy people, during this pandemic

Help People Now

Charity for the people
you care about.

Wema Tesifa has a wide outlook in society, with a keen interest in
working with the less fortunate of the two target groups comes
from a deep seated desire to lend a helping hand to the vulnerable
in society, with an emphasis on needy children, more so orphans and widows in Kenya.

  • Empowering women
  • Food security & Hunger relief
  • Quality Education
  • Clean drinking water


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We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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We work with people from all walks of life irrespective of race, creed or beliefs, focusing on bettering a life to help humanity flee from disease, hunger and want, in a legal, transparent and acceptable way.


Raised: Ksh 155,000

Goal: Ksh 300,000

Our donation is hope for poor widows

We empower needy widows in rural African society, who having lost their husband, normally the breadwinner


Raised:Ksh 180,000

Goal: Ksh 300,000

Providing For the Hungry

We work with local leaders to tackle a community’s biggest obstacles such as access to food


Raised:Ksh 252,700

Goal: $Ksh 350,000

Promoting The Rights of Children

We believe that children are a barometer for a community’s success and well-being

Help Other People

Our fingerprints on
the lives we touch
never fade.

Our Team

Meet those who help
others in need.

We are grateful to be invited into the communities we serve and we partner with local leaders on transformative solutions, which can be sustained by the communities themselves

Evalyn Njeri

Evaluation Lead

Caroline Mbula


Brigid Wanza

Operations Lead

Tony Sami

Strategy Lead

Let’s make a difference in
the lives of others